TYLER Architectural Mesh

Applications TYLER Architectural Mesh

Applications Architectural Mesh

Our architectural mesh offers limitless possibilities for interior and exterior applications as well as for object design. It combines excellent functionality with high aesthetic appeal.

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Media Façades IMAGIC WEAVE

Media Façades IMAGIC WEAVE

IMAGIC WEAVE® as a system for transparent media façades combines architectural wire mesh with the latest LED technology. It easily transforms façades into places of media communication.

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TYLER Architectural Mesh Projects


Make yourselves a picture about the various possibilities using woven metal mesh fabric in our project gallery. Be inspired by our numerous reference projects from all over the world!

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Mesh facade Liberty Mutual Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance

LEED Silver certified office building with TYLER Architectural Mesh. For the facade cladding of the multi-storey car park, the architects chose the semi-transparent stainless steel woven wire mesh EGLA-MONO 5001.

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Media Façade: Júlia Center, Andorra

Applications for Architectural Wire Mesh