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Applications for Architectural Wire Mesh

The W.S. Tyler Industrial Group is a proud member of THE HAVER® GROUP (with headquarters in Germany). Passion for innovation and openness to the world are the basis for our success. For over 125 years, W.S. Tyler has been a leader in manufacturing, processing, construction and installation of wire mesh.

Due to the functional and aesthetic characteristics of our architectural mesh, it offers new and versatile fields of applications in architecture. Architectural wire mesh convinces with its noble optic and meets at the same time the highest standards of safety and stability in indoor and outdoor applications.

Façade Cladding with Architectural Mesh


Architectural mesh as a semi-transparent outer skin with excellent technical properties combines outstanding design with a high functional benefit.

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Ceiling Design with Architectural Mesh


W.S. Tyler architectural mesh offers an array of exciting design-oriented solutions for creative ceiling projects, with individual aesthetic features and reliable functionality.

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Wall Cladding with Architectural Mesh


Versatility, stability and exclusive optical properties make architectural mesh the ideal material for designing interior walls.

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Balustrades with Architectural Mesh


Architectural wire mesh made of stainless steel offers a secure solution for your balustrades and guardrails.

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Free Configuration with Architectural Mesh

Free Configuration

Our functional architectural mesh made of stainless steel can be used in many ways. We realize your ideas.

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IMAGIC WEAVE® Media Façades

Media Façade

The transparent media façade IMAGIC WEAVE® transforms your building with the latest LED technology in a place of medial communication.

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Take advantage of the unique reflection properties of wire mesh façades and transform your façadesat night into a special highlight with an individual illumination.

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Sun Protection with Architectural Mesh

Sun Protection

Transparent wire mesh elements filter sunrays and provide a comfortably fresh and at the same time light indoor climate. Accordingly architectural mesh can improve the energy balance of your building.

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Optimizing Acoustics with Architectural Mesh on Walls and Ceilings


Architectural wire mesh can be used as wall or ceiling cladding for optimizing room acoustics.

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Architectural Mesh and Coloring


There are numerous options available for individual coloring of architectural wire mesh.

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Wire Mesh for Structural Alteration Works

Building Redevelopment

Architectural mesh is suitable for the renovation, expansion or modernization of existing buildings. Lend your existing building new brilliance with high functionality.

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