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IMAGIC WEAVE® Media Façades

Architectural façades are being increasingly used as platforms for new media communication. IMAGIC WEAVE® is a fusion of TYLER Architectural Wire Mesh and the latest LED technology. This unique transparent media façade system can transform airport buildings, stadiums, shopping malls, skyscrapers and other large buildings into exciting transparent canvases for vibrant, large-scale communication.

Be inspired by the possibilities of IMAGIC WEAVE® Media Façades.

Characteristics - Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE


Discover the benefits of IMAGIC WEAVE® – the Transparent Media Façade.

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System - Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE


Find out more about the quality components and the modular concept of our IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade system.

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LED Technologies - Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE

LED Technologies

IMAGIC WEAVE® is available in two different LED technologies making it adaptable to project specific requirements such as colour mixing, angle of radiation and brightness.

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Resolution & Viewing Distance - Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE

Resolution & Viewing Distance

The appearance of light animations and video content depends on the size of the media screen, the resolution as well as the viewing distance.

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Services - Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE

Our Services

We are happy to work together with you to define the required scope of work and supply.

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Enquiry Form Media Façades

Interested? Please fill out our simple enquiry form and one of our experts will contact you directly.

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