Perfumery Júlia Center

Multidimensional media façade made of HAVER Architectural Mesh and THT-LED profiles consists of 18 different resolution Areas.

Media Facade IMAGIC WEAVE® - Júlia Center Andorra

The headquarters for Júlia Perfume Group is brought to life with a transparent media façade system IMAGIC WEAVE® HO. The multidimensional media façade, made of HAVER Architectural Mesh and THT-LED profiles consists of 18 different resolution areas and a high resolution LED-Screen.

The Centre Júlia is one of the most symbolic buildings in Andorra. Built in 1987, it hosts approx. 30.000 flacons of renowned perfumes located at the company´s headquarters. To give the building a modern and contemporary look, the architects from OROBITG - Arquitectura & Urbanisme planned a complete redesign of the building. Not only did they redesign the inside of the building – the exterior façade had a full makeover.

The aim of this modernization was to convey the exclusive image of the perfume group to the building´s outside. The façade of the Flagshipstore should be developed as an advertising medium to strengthen the customer communication. To reach this target, the architects decided to use the Transparent Media Façade IMAGIC WEAVE®. “Due to the flexible system by HAVER & BOECKER, the media façade is harmoniously integrated into the existing façade without affecting the view of the building negatively” describes Ciro Orobitg Pérez (OROBITG - Arquitectura & Urbanisme) one argument for the media façade system.

High quality display even in bright sunshine
The wire mesh cladding made of 300 m² of HAVER Architectural Mesh EGLA-DUO 4212 Vario covers about three-quarter of the whole façade. 1250 LED profiles are discreetly attached to the reverse side of 17 mesh elements transforming the cladding into a giant advertising screen. IMAGIC WEAVE® HO receives the luminosity due to the THT LED profiles with six LEDs per pixel demonstrating its quality even in bright sunlight.

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